Likelike is an app about likes and a little bit about circles.

Everyone deserves some likes. No matter why.

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    How It Works?

    1.Post a colorful circle

    You can post any amout of circles
    (but only one per five minutes)

    2.Get likes

    Anyone can like your circles, enjoy it!

    3.Like others circles

    Like circles in your friends feed.

    No check-ins

    Forget about visiting cool places to «check in» just for likes.

    No comments

    Nothing to comment, just like or keep silence.

    No statuses

    No needs to write any statuses. No one cares in what mood you are right now.

    No #tags

    Honestly we like only one tag — #likelike

    No content

    You do not need to post photos, stories or anything else.

    No mentions

    It's only one person who needs to be mentioned — you.

    Sign up today and start collecting «likes» from your friends and the entire world.

    Likelike is free to download, available for iPhone only.

  •   Download from Appstore